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Mandaloun & Al Dar Allobnani


Mandaloun is a prominent Lebanese company specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying custom  engineered high-quality, metal building systems and pre-fabricated houses for commercial, industrial, and other specialty applications. The company has been founded by architect Abel-Monhem Khalifeh in 2005, with its main office at Saida, Lebanon.

Al-Dar Allobnani, a sister company to Mandaloun, has recently opened its doors to the Iraqi market, where major contracts have been sealed with prominent Iraqi companies. The company manufactures and distributes steel products mainly Sandwich Panels, Caravans and Hangars. It has two branches, one in Basrah Khor Al-Zubair, and the other at Najaf, airport highway.
Over the past years, the two companies have provided thousands of customers with durable, affordable and versatile steel structured buildings and prefabricated houses for hundreds of different uses and in various countries. With our experience, we soldier on planning and building the ultimate metal building system wherever you want and whenever you want it. Today, we continue to expand the horizon’s of metal building construction by enhancing our building customization, providing better customer service, and improving products to make our buildings meet every construction need. We are the ultimate building solution for your steel construction and metal building needs.


 Why to choose our Systems?

  • Low cost to produce as well as purchase.
  • Ease and speed in construction.
  • Lower insurance cost.
  • Competence in heating and cooling.
  • Extreme low maintenance requirements.
  • High durability and reliablity in any weather condition.
  • Friend with the environment, " Green " buildings.

Mission, Vision

Our Vision is to share all the experience we gain years ago with the innovation. creativity in construction and manufacturing fields having the chance to add value into human lives and upgrade it in parallel with the modern customer's needs and its progress.

Aim, Goals

Our Aim is: To Study the Potential Applying of Quality Management Systems (QMS).



Our Goals are: 

  • Exhausting our experts to find unique solutions to create new Customer-Relationship Management that meets their satisfaction and more than that.
  • Serving renewed best quality and service stuck to competitive, fair, and affordable prices.
  • Ensuring longevity from your feedbacks in addition to our integrity, truth, honesty, and goodwill.
  • Fulfilling your dreams by designing and establishing your own structure and prefab according to your needs that exceed your expectations.

Mandaloun & AL Dar Allobnani brings flexibility,quality and economy into every product. Our engineers are trained for optimization and utilization of available resources integrated with exposure to cost effective fabrication and construction techniques.

•We provide a system which includes building an accredited metal building that optimizes and integrates steel framing, roofing, and walls.
•Building design, fabrication, delivery, and construction is managed through one single source.
•The building design is optimized because there is virtually no waste in the manufacturing process.
•A building constructs quickly, saves energy, and is long-lasting.
•Flexible interior and exterior elements allow numerous design alternatives.
•Exteriors can be clad with steel siding, wood,glass, aluminum, masonry, or stone.

  • Prefab Houses
  • Hangars
  • Sandwich Panel
  • Shelters
  • Caravanes
  • Buildings
  • Security
  • Villas
  • Offices
  • Cold Door
  • Bathroom
  • Accessories
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You can contact us from Lebanon or Iraq on the following numbers.


Saida - Ghazieh, Main Road

T: +961 7 224 521

F: +961 7 224 421

M:+961 3 675 778

E: info@mandaloun-lb.com

Facebook Page: Mandaloun-Stone Gallery and Prefab

Instagram: mandalounstonegalleryandprefab



Najaf - Al-Herafeyine

M:+964 772 555 0577 - +964 780 100 2034

E: info@aldarallobnani.com


Basra - Al-Zoubeir

M:+964 772 273 0728 - +964 770 568 0188

E: info@aldarallobnani.com

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